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Mount Sion iCentre: First Contacts - Early European Explorers and Colonisation

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This collection focuses on the European mapping and naming of the Australian continent during the 17th and 18th centuries. It highlights the motivations and achievements of Dutch and British explorers, including Abel Tasman and James Cook. It incorporates maps, texts, and a painting.


Australian Aboriginal History Timeline is an extensive timeline, beginning with Ancient history and moving right through to the present day. From Creative Spirits website, a personal project of Jens Korff.


Eora - Wikipedia

Aboriginal People and Place  Sydney's Aboriginal history

Australian Aboriginal Food

The Diet of Aboriginal People before European Contact

Indigenous Australians  Information on The Dreaming, hunting, food, culture and languages.

Mbantua. Aboriginal Weapons

Dust Echoes  Animated Dreaming stories.

First Australians  Episode 1. They have come to stay.

Australian Geographic. Top 10 Aboriginal bush medicines  Scroll down the page to see the different medicines.


The expansion of British settlements, including the establishment of colonies in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Adelaide, Moreton Bay (Brisbane) and Port Phillip (Melbourne), resulted in competition over land and resources, and quickly lead to violence.

“The Government is fast disposing of the land occupied by the natives from time immemorial. In addition to which settlers under the sanction of government may establish themselves in any part of this extensive territory and since the introduction of the numerous flocks and herds. . . a serious loss has been sustained by the natives without an equivalent being rendered. Their territory is not only invaded, but their game is driven back, their marnong and other valuable roots are eaten by the white man's sheep and their deprivation, abuse and miseries are daily increasing.”

Francis Tuckfield, Wesleyan Missionary, 1837

Source : Australians together