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Cornell Method

Note Taking

Note Taking is an Important Skill

Good note-taking provides a record of key information you can integrate within your own writing OR to use for the exam revision. Taking reliable, accurate notes also reduces the risk of plagiarising. It helps you develop your critical thinking in distinguishing where y9our ideas came from and what you think about those ideas.

Why Note-take?

  • ‚ÄčIt helps you remember what you've heard or read
  • It helps you listen and concentrate more effectively
  • Taking good notes provides you with the foundations for understanding a topic. Good notes will help with an assignment or to study for a test.
  • Putting information your hear or read in your own words develops your understanding of a topic and your writing skills. 
  • Notes are a useful record of key information, and the sources of that information.

  • Notes taken in classes often contain information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Cornell Method of Note-taking

Cornell Note-Taking Method

How to Take Notes Effectively