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Mount Sion iCentre: Note-taking

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Top Tips for Note-taking

Write clearly- can you read back what you have written?

•Use a new page for each topic

•Add a date to the top of each page with a suitable heading

•Keep some blank space for any new information you find

•Rule a line through errors

•Use abbreviations (shorthand) – as long as you can decode what you’ve written!


You should always DATE your notes and experiment with different symbols, colours and sizes!

Effectively using bullet points will help you to organise and record important information for use later on.


Remember, you need to REFERENCE your work, so keep an ongoing record of books, internet sites or recordings where you have gathered your information!

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Some Common Abbreviations

between = btwn

because = b/c

versus = vs. 

with = w/

without = w/o

that is = i.e

example = e.g.

approximately = approx

number = no.

established = est.

minimum = min

miscellaneous = misc