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Mount Sion iCentre: Year 4 Explorers

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Welcome to our Explorers page.  Use this page to find information about the different explorers.

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Websites on Explorers

Captain Cook

The Adventures of Captain Cook - National Geographic Kids.  A good starting place for information.

Explorers for Kids: Captain James Cook.  This site is called Ducksters.  It's a great place to start for your information.

Captain Cook - History - BBC.

Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia - James Cook.  A long article about his different voyages.

James Cook: British Explorer - Enchanted Learning

Captain James Cook: 1728-1779. Use the links on the left hand side.  A good timeline.  Good images.

James Cook Facts for Kids 

10 Things you may not know about Captain Cook - things you may not have known.

Sir Francis Drake

Explorers for Kids: Sir Francis Drake - information on this site is well set out and easier to follow.  Check it out!

Sir Francis Drake Biography - a biography, including his early years information and his expeditions.

BBC - History - Sir Francis Drake - a short biography.

Sir Francis Drake: Explorer - Enchanted learning.  A biography.

Christopher Columbus

BBC - Christopher Columbus - Information, fun facts, images, quiz and a game.

Christopher Columbus - Exploration.  A long article on Columbus.  Some good supporting videos.

Christopher Columbus: Explorer.  Enchanted learning.

Explorers for Kids: Christopher Columbus This site is called Ducksters.  The information here is set out well for students.

Christopher Columbus Biography for Kids

Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama: Explorer.  Enchanted Learning. A biography of Vasco da Gama

Explorers for Kids: Vasco da Gama.  This site is called Ducksters.  The information in the biography is student friendly and well set out.

History - Vasco da Gama.  A short biography on Vasco da Gama.

Vasco da Gama. Biography.  This site has a lot of information to read through.  Check out the video for some fast information.

Ferdinand Magellan

Explorers for Kids: Ferdinand Magellan.  Information well set out and easier to follow.

Ferdinand Magellan Biography for Kids.  Information set out under sub-headings.  There is a video towards the bottom of the page.

Ferdinand Magellan. On the easy science for kids webpage. Has the basic facts without too much reading.  There is a video towards the bottom of the page.

Ferdinand Magellan - World History for Kids.  A shorter biography on Magellan.

Explorer Videos