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The Middle Ages and can be broken down into three periods: the Early Middle Ages (c. 500–1100), the High Middle Ages (c. 1100–1300) and the Late Middle Ages (c. 1300–1500). People often associate kings, knights and castles with the Middle Ages; however, this period had many other defining features: the feudal system, which was the most widely adopted social order of the period, the increasing power and influence of the Catholic Church, and the peasantry, or poor farmers, who made up most of the population.


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Castles and Warfare

Middle Ages: Military and Defence 

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Middle Ages: Castles 

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Attacking and Defending a Castle  

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Castles: Medieval Strongholds 

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Castles - Keeping Control 

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Life in a Castle 

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Castles Primary Sources 

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Castles Primary Sources More 

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Castles Primary Sources Even More 

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Lords and Ladies: Castles Under Siege


Medieval Church


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