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Westcourt iCentre: Modern History - Women's Movement

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TROVE is an Australian database which you can search for online content.

You can find primary sources including images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives.

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It's a Revolution!

The Feminist movement in the 20th Century brought strong individuals, groups, and institutions to the frontline to challenge existing political structures, socially accepted organisations of the time, and prevailing economic models. In doing so, these women transformed society.

TASK: Investigate the impact of the second wave of feminism (approx. 1960 – 1979) on the social, political and/or economic conditions of women in Australia.

How the Feminist Movement Shaped the World, 2018

Women of Note

GERMAINE GREER - author of "The Female Eunuch" (1970)

Who is Germaine Greer?

The Female Eunuch - a summary

Germaine Greer - Women & Leadership in 20th Century Australia

Germaine Greer does not represent our feminism - Grazie

ZELDA D'APRANO - feminist and political activist

Zelda D'Aprano, Leadership and the Politics of Gender in the Australian Labor Movement, 1945-75

Zelda' work will continue - Victorian Women's Trust

Zelda D'Aprano and the ongoing fight for equal pay - Socialist Alliance

Unions and the right to equal pay by Zelda D'Aprano (ebook from SLQ)

ANNE SUMMERS - feminist and author of "Damned Whores and God's Police"

About Anne Summers

Anne Summers - Engaging Women

The Politics of Feminist History - by Anne Summers

Second Wave Feminism

Video Resources

Clickview Suffragettes Folder