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Westcourt iCentre: SOR - State + Religion Relationship

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You have been investigating the relationship between religion and the nation-state across time and culture. You have examined how religion and the nation-state might intersect and influence the lives of people within those contexts.


Write an analytical essay that demonstrates an understanding of the ways in which Islam interacted with the nation-state in Iran following the 1979 revolution. In your response you should analyse the perspectives that influenced the interaction between Islam and the nation-state in this context and evaluate and draw conclusions about the interaction between Islam and the nation-state of Iran and the influence this had in shaping the response of society in the period of study.


DATABASES are an essential source of information for senior studies.  Here are some recommendations for this topic.

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Use for general searches on Iran and Turkey

Content includes viewpoints, journal articles, academic articles, media and primary sources

Gale in Context: High School

Contains information on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats


Britannica Online

Use for general searches on countries and religions for background reading.  Use keywords such as Iran; Turkey, Erdogan, Khomeini, Theocracy

SLQ Databases

Register for membership of the State Library of Queensland to access databases including JStor and ProQuest.

Google Scholar

Using Google for your searches is not need to dig deeper.  Try Google Scholar for more academic-related information.

ATC Library Catalogue

Search our own library catalogue using keywords to locate print, video and electronic resources.  e.g. Iranian Revolution information can be found here  

Background Reading

Summary: Iran 1900 - present

The structure of power in Iran - PBS

Overview Religions & Politics in Iran from the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (Harvard Kennedy School)

Iran - Religions - Encyclopedia Britannica (part of longer article)

Power and Religion in Revolutionary Iran - ebook from SLQ (membership required)

Identities Crisis in Iran by Ronan Cohen - ebook from SLQ (membership required)

Religion and Politics in Iran: How Theocratic Is the Islamic Republic? (1991) - article from JSTOR via SLQ (membership required)

History of Iran: The Pahlavi Dynasty 1925-1979

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from Those Who Shaped the 20th Century, Episode 20

Iran's last Shah (1979) from CBC's The Fifth Estate

Video Resources

Al Jazeera Documentary 'I knew Khomeini' (2009)

Iranian Revolution from The History Channel

Iranian Revolution

Saudi Arabia | Iranian Revolution | TV Eye Special The year of the Prophet| Part one.