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Westcourt iCentre: Modern History - The Russian Revolution

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World History in Context


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Kolonitskii, Boris Ivanovich. Democracy’ in the political consciousness of the February Revolution. Slavic Review, vol. 57, no. 1, 1998, pp. 95–106. 

Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi. The problem of power in the February Revolution of 1917 in RussiaCanadian Slavonic Papers  vol. 14, no. 4, 1972, pp. 611–633.

Melbourne Age reports on the Russian Revolution from 1917

Times London. Contemporary reports of Bloody Sunday. Outbreak In St. Petersburg   23 January 1905, p.5. The Russian Outbreak  24 Jan. 1905, p.3. 

The Deepening of the Russian Revolution: 1917

This is a great source for both online and print primary documents about the 1917 Revolution. One of the most engaging aspects of this site for student is the interactive parallel timelines for workers, peasants, soldiers and activists.

Soviet Posters

A good source for propaganda posters from 1917 and the Civil War.  Propaganda posters are a wonder resource to use even if students do not read Russian.  Artists relied heavily on the imagery to convey meaning as it was likely most of the peasant and worker audiences were illiterate.

Russian Revolution Documents

This is a solid collection of primary documents from 1917 as well as a detailed chronology of events.

Eyewitness Accounts: Visitors to Soviet Russia 1917-1928

A series of reports, photographs and other documents of eye witness accounts of the early years of the Soviet Union by foreign visitors.

The Bolshevik October Revolution in Pictures

Time magazine’s compelling photo essay allows students to see the events of 1917 through the lens of gorgeous black and white photos taken during the Revolution.

Sources of Evidence

An online teaching module on 1917 with a great section of primary sources including revolutionary songs, pictures and maps.


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The Russian revolution (1917) led to the downfall of the Romanov dynasty and the creation of the modern Soviet Union. The popular uprising of the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin, saw the shift of power from the autocrats to the people.

Historical Overview of the Russian Revolution

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