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Westcourt iCentre: Religion - People of the Bible

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People of the Bible

You will be exploring the sacred text of the Holy BibleIn particular, you will choose a biblical character and create a presentation which answers these questions:

Who are you? (World of the Text)

How did you influence people of the time? (World behind the Text)

How can we learn from this person? (World in front of the Text)

People of the Bible 1

Abraham - from Britannica Online

Abraham - A Man of Faith (Youtube clip)

Who was Abraham?

Moses - from Britannica Online

Moses the Prophet

Story of Moses - from Book of Exodus

Meet Moses

Noah in the Bible

Who was Noah in the Bible?

Bible - this is the extract about Noah from the book of Genesis

10 Incredible Things - from the International Bible Society

People of the Bible 2

David - from Britannica Online

King David - from Student Resources in Context

David the Prophet

Isaiah - from Student Resources in Context

Isaiah - from New World Encyclopedia

Isaiah the Prophet

Isaiah#1 - from the Bible Project

Isaiah#2 - from the Bible Project

Meet Isaiah

Jeremiah - from Britannica Online

Jeremiah the Prophet - from the Bible Projects

People of the Bible 3

Daniel - from Catholic Encyclopedia

Daniel the Prophet

Daniel - from the Bible Project

Daniel - from the Bible Odyssey

Daniel the Prophet of the Bible

The Story of Joseph - KWL (use your school login)

Joseph - from Catholic Encyclopedia

The story of Joseph in the Bible

Arise – Go – Preach.” (Jonah 1:2 and 3:2)

Jonah - from the Bible Project

Jonah - from Catholic Encyclopedia

Jonah - from New World Encyclopedia

Clickview The Bible Folder