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Westcourt iCentre: Modern History - French Revolution

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Museum Links

Visit the Napoleon - Revolution to Empire - online exhibit from the National Gallery of Victoria. 

Revolution to Empire

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The French Revolution and its Aftermath

The French Revolution was the first great uprising of the people against the ruling class.  It generated ideas of liberty, fraternity and equality which reverberated throughout Europe.

Video Resources

Clickview French Revolution Folder


In this podcast Professor David Andress looks at how the French Revolution developed and the emergence of the Terror:

The French Revolution and Terror 

In this podcast Emeritus Professor William Doyle of the University of Bristol looks at the origins of the French Revolution. 

Origins of the French Revolution

In this podcast Emeritus Professor Malcolm Cooke looks at the rise and fall of Napoleon. 

The Rise and Fall of Napoleon

Everything History explores the causes, the course, and the consequences of the French Revolution.

Everything History - The French Revolution