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Sustainable Design

Fundamental to sustainable design is the principle is the principle that designers should create new products, services and/or environments that can be supported indefinitely in terms of their economic, social and ecological impact on the wellbeing of humans. Disaster relief assistance, including environment's internal and external services and amenities are often designed with financial constraints as the main consideration. Unfortunately, the useful life, environmental and social impact of the designs are often overlooked.

For this task, you are required to:

  • identify an opportunity and redesign a product, service or environment to improve its sustainability.
  • apply the design process to explore and develop the opportunity
  • use circular design methods to improve the economic, social or ecological sustainability of your design concept.


Effective searching begins with Identifying the key words from your task.

  • sustainable design
  • circular design
  • lifecycle design
  • sustainability
  • disaster relief

Quick tips for effective searching:

  • Use "quotation marks" around a phrase to search for the phrase in the exact order it appears eg "sustainable design"
  • Use AND to search for both words eg sustainable AND design
  • Use NOT to exclude words from your search eg "disaster relief" NOT volunteers


One Perfect Source?

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